Herd Sires

KCF Bennett Velocity

  • 2nd high selling bull at the 2007 Knoll Crest bull sale
  • Maternal brother to 2008 2nd high selling bull Knoll Crest bull sale
  • Ranks in the top 3% of current sires for milk, top 10% for WR and top 4% for YR and top 2% for SC
  • Dam of Velocity is maternal sister to Frontine, Coalition and Kaboom’s Dam
  • Current Production Ratios WR 95 - WR 106 - YR 102
  • Ranks in the top 3% of current sires for Milk, top 4% for YW, top 5% for $F and top 10% for WW and $W. Scrotal EPD +1.53.

His powerful "EXT" dam also produced the 2nd top-selling bull in the 2008 Knoll Crest Bull Sale and recorded a progeny production ratio of 4 WWR 120, 4 YWR 113.

The maternal grandam, Pleasant Pill of Conanga, is one of the great herd bull producers in the Angus breed. She produced the $17,000 Connealy Frontline, the $65,000 "KCF Bennett Coalition" and the $100,000 White Fence Pride H1 who produced the $17,000 B/R New Frontier 095 and a full brother, "Lemmon Newsline", while a daughter of "Pleasant Pill" by "Max", Pleasant of Conanga 736 produced "Baldridge Kaboom" and "River Hills Kahuna". And a daughter of "736", Baldridge Pride N596, produced the $16,000 HFG North Star 822 featured with Accelerated Genetics and the $24,000 HFG Pleasant Pride 828 in the Hunter Farm Genetics Dispersion.

His sire, "Performer", was the top performing bull in his calf crop with a WWR of 119 and YWR 119. He is an own son of Hyline Right Time 338, the top performance son of “EXT” and traces to the powerful Jauer 353 Traveler 589 27.


S Chiseled 981

  • Most impressive bull of the 2010 Spickler Ranch sale
  • Phenotypically the most complete Chisum son to date

One of the most phenotypically impressive individuals in the Angus breed, this low birth weight son of the popular outcross Genex/CRI sire Chisum is posed to the next great female sire at ADR. He is a very easy fleshing, expansive middled bull with the extra skeletal width and dimension coupled with a large expressive hip and top. He combines his phenotypic excellence with Birth, Weaning, Yearling, and Milk EPDs that rank in the 25% of the Angus Breed.


Champion Hill Gator 6660

  • Pictured is SAV 004 Traveler 4836, the sire of Champion Hill Gator 6660

A direct son of the ABS Global sire S A V 004 Travler 4836 "Gator" whose daughters, Priscilla 6213 and Phyllis 6355 have excelled in the show ring and ADR donor program. A phenotypically excellent bull in his own right, Gator 6660 was added to the ADR program to add the eye appeal and muscle expression that we found in the "Gator" daughters. Gator 6660 stems from the immortal SAV Elba 7099 whose descendants have highlighted both the Schaff Angus Valley and Champion Hill female sales for years.


K C F Bennett 534 U539

  • Ranks in the top 10% of current sires for WR and top 4% for YR
  • Pictured is CAR Efficient 534, the sire of KCF Bennett 534 U539

Coming to ADR as the 2nd high selling bull of the 2009 Knoll Crest sale, this high performing, athletic, easy fleshing son of the ABS Global and Knoll Crest herd sire CAR Efficient 534 ranks in the 20 % among non parent bulls for birth, weaning, yearling, scrotal, calving ease maternal, milk, $Wean, and $Feedlot EPDs. His dam, Miss R575, is a maternal sister to the now deceased Accelerated Genetics roster member, Performer. She highlighted the inaugural Blue Q production sale where she sold for $50,000 to be the top selling female. Her dam is the current number four proven dam for REA and is featured in the joint embryo programs of Knoll Crest Farms and Three Trees Ranch.



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