ADR Cattle are bred to provide the grass cattleman with low birth, easy fleshing, high growth cattle. We recognize our success and that of our customers is to develop and provide performance oriented cattle that do not require costly input to maintain. The ADR design provides for high performance without costly input which translates into efficiency and profit on any forage type.

Reference Sires


Millers In Focus H99

Registration Number: 18005839
Date of Birth: 03/16/2014
Sire: Connealy In Focus 4925
Dam: Miss Zara M156 of MAF

  • Miller In Focus H99 was added to continue the success we had with Focus Up and 4925.
  • The H99 calves are consistent in the quality and growth.
  • Weaning and yearling growth numbers are excellent. Take a look at a strong sire group
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    M A F 13R3

    Registration Number: 17331136
    Date of Birth: 09/02/2012
    Sire: Connealy Right Answer 746
    Dam: Arnolds Lucy Lady 321X

    • Our excitement over this young sire has no limits. A flawless pedigree, Connealy Right Answer 746 out of an Upward daughter that goes back to Vermilion Payweight J847 that next to the Basin Lucy cow family.
    • This bull’s depth of rib and length go hip are seen in most every calf. Don’t miss his progeny.
    • He will going to stud soon, so look for semen availability in the future.
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    Lawsons Hesston C708

    Registration Number: 18227696
    Date of Birth: 02/07/2015
    Sire: S A V Hesston 2217
    Dam: S A V Abigale 904

    • Lawson’s Heston C708 and Lawson’s Registry B578 were selected to introduce the S A V influence into the ADR program.
    • Deep made, thick butted and structurally sound describes the bulls out of these young sires. Their dams are donors in the Lawson herd and the maternal lines are strong.
    • You will like these bulls.
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    Lawsons Registry B578

    Registration Number: 18052537
    Date of Birth: 08/21/2014
    Sire: S A V Registry 2831
    Dam: Basin Lucy 112S

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    Future Sires


    KCF Bennett Stockade

    Registration Number: 18805760
    Date of Birth: 09/13/2016
    Sire: Basin Payweight 1682
    Dam: K C F Miss Consensus Y318

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    K C F Bennett Fairbanks

    Registration Number: 18813851
    Date of Birth: 09/12/2016
    Sire: Plattemere Weigh Up K360
    Dam: K C F Miss Absolute Z346

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    M A F 17R65

    Registration Number: 18654934
    Date of Birth: 09/01/2016
    Sire: Connealy Right Answer 746
    Dam: P F VRD of 809 Bando 598

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